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Airlines From Indonesia Have Struggled With Safety
Indonesia's aviation market is expanding at a rate of 21% annually, but a series of accidents, including the crash of a Lion Air flight in Bali in 2013, indicate a weak safety record for the nation's airlines. The Federal Aviation Administration does …
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Airline industry poised to fly high in 2015
CHICAGO — The airline industry in 2015 is likely to be healthy again because of mergers and falling jet fuel prices, and while consumers might be stuffed into slimmer seats in coach, at least they will be able to enjoy new and upgraded planes and more …
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Spirit Airlines transforms budget airlines
“We've been able to make money because we keep our costs very low, because we do things in way that help that happen,” said Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza. “We put more seats in our planes than our competitors, for example. Just like when you …
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