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United Airlines scrambling to deliver overdue bags to frustrated customer's homes
DENVER – United Airlines says it has identified issues plaguing its new baggage handling vendor and is "putting available resources in to help the vendor." But airline spokesman Charlie Hobart declined to say what the issues are. "I'm not going to get …
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Religion reads: Livid monks take on United Airlines; bishop involved in
Monks at a monastery in the New Mexico desert ran into customer service troubles with United Airlines at the end of December–a conflict that eventually rose to The Haggler's attention. David Segal writes: "The Haggler was intrigued. What exactly does …

Are airlines keeping us safe?
And its disappearance has prompted a similar mix of anguish and mystery that followed the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines plane nine months ago. Should the world be more worried about aviation safety? And are airlines doing all they can to track …